Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This movie just barely missed.

I find W a fascinating character. It is this interest that makes this movie bland. I really wish there was a better explanation besides an oedipal complex to make Bush do the things he does.

I am interested in the types of personalities that become people like presidents. I just feel that this movie didn't make me believe that the W character could have done what he did.

I did like the main performance. Josh Brolin truly disapeared into that role. There were times, especially in press conference situations, where it could have been the president himself.

The best scene was the last one, where Brolin (verbatum) recites the strange answer when John Dickerson asked him if he made any mistakes in his term.

P.S. It was lame when they would throw in "Bushisms" into random parts of his life instead of when he said them in press conferences or in speeches.

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  1. I actually liked W, mainly because I think they made all of the characters much more interesting than their real-life counterparts. I definitely agree with you about Brolin's performance; it really does feel like you're watching the real thing. In fact, I found everyone's performances (with the exception of Condoleezza Rice) to be spot on.


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