Monday, February 9, 2009

Blood Diner

While waiting for Champ to write about "Black Sheep" (I still can't tell if he liked it or not), I thought I'd revisit a film with similar intentions: Blood Diner.
Made in 1987, the film is about two brothers who try to revive the ancient Lumerian goddess Sheetar by building her a new body using parts from "immoral women". Uh...
Cheerful and bloody as hell, the film is a snap shot of L.A.'s low budget movie scene. Director Jackie Kong only directed four films, and this was her crowning achievement, as well as her swan song from the film industry. From the cheesy gore effects to the endearingly goofy humor (the scene where one of the brothers tries to run over a fat biker who refuses to die is hilarious), Blood Diner is uninhibited and totally shameless. And did I mention that the ending has Sheetar come to life with a large vagina dentata on her chest? She even bites someone's head off. I thought I should say something before anyone ran out to see it...
One sad note: after watching it tonight, I looked it up and learned that Rick Burks, one of the brothers in the film, passed away in 1989.

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