Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If No Else Is Going To...Slumdog Millionaire

So after all the hype around Slumdog Millionaire, I finally surrendered my $13 and went to the theater. I have to admit, it was mostly what I was expecting, a predictable satisfying ending, but much better than the trailer led to believe. I enjoyed the retrospective style of how the story was told. It was a simple and effective way to not only get through the story, but also reassure me that India is a place I don’t think I want to visit anytime too soon. Though I really admire Danny Boyle for going to the slums (of any place of any country) and running around with a camera and crew and getting the result he did.
To me, the biggest thing it had going for it was primarily the story, and given the current status of our country, it’s an uplifting story that people want to see, which is partly why I think it’s gotten so much praise. Of course, when I watch a movie I never go into “film student mode” and pick it apart (unless it really is horrifyingly awful). I watch for the story and if there are other exceptional elements (cinematography, editing, etc.), then I definitely take notice. With Slumdog, I didn’t really notice much else besides getting sucked into the story.
As for the Oscars, I’ll be surprised if the Academy chooses Slumdog over Benjamin Button, not because I like Button more or less, but because it doesn’t seem to me like the type of movie they would latch onto (maybe not sad enough? The Academy loves it when the major characters die, right?).
To sum it up, I liked it. Although it’s probably not a movie I would just go to see again for kicks and giggles, though it did leave a bit of an impact on me.


  1. I like your review. I really did like it when I watched it, but the movie hasn't stuck with me. I'm not rushing out to see it again. I'm more struck by 'The Wrestler' and 'Doubt' this year. Hell, even the Dark Knight will be around when this is a footnote.

    I do think this will win the major awards at Oscar. It has all the right hype going for it. It is a critical favorite and it's light enough for the grandma dollar. It's gonna get in the same way that 'Crash' did. Guilt.

  2. Thanks Matt! I'm definitely going to try to keep up with posting on here every time I see a movie. I'm with you on the keeping in mind that not everything has to be a masterpiece; that it's important to just write because I think it definitely helps me evaluate how I really felt about a movie.

    As for the Oscars, I totally see what you're getting at, and now that you put it that way, I guess I can see it sneaking its way in and leaving with quite a few Oscars. We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose...


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