Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Double Indemnity

I'm narrowing down the AFI 100 list and this was on it. I think I'm really begining to like Billy Wilder as a director because I LOVE 'Sunset Blvd.' and 'Some Like it Hot' and I really like this.

I think this movie will be great to watch in a year or so.

I do like the Noir genre and according to the things I've heard, this is the film that codified what Noir is. It opened the door for Raymond Chandlar to get 'Maltese Falcon' on the screen.

The only thing holding this movie back from being really great today was that the plot and the tropes are so familiar. Like most Genre pieces the twists were predictable but satisfying.

I will say that Fred McMurray was really great in this.

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