Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Y Tu Mama Tambien

I had been talking with some people recently about the road movie and how it is an American trope. Y Tu Mama Tambien was a nice reminder that Mexico is filled with long expanses of roads as well. I forget how fun it is to be driving around in such a great country.

This movie is very sexy. The sex scenes are very upfront, shot without cuts and very true to life. However its the tension and the flirting between the sex scenes that make this work.

Maribel Verdu is especially interesting in this movie. She is incredibly attractive, and the audience gets to see her at her weakest and strongest moments.

I think something that makes this movie so titillating is that there is a voyeurism to this. It's like we are the fourth memeber in the car. If it had been told by one of the characters, it would have revealed the differences between the characters instead of what connected them.

Between 'Children of Men' and this, I almost want to watch 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alkazan' (SP) to see what Alfonso Cuaron saw in that project.

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