Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Reader

I admit I went in to this movie wondering if it deserved the Oscar spot over 'Dark Knight,' Wall-E,' or 'Doubt.' So it had a lot going against it.

I started by really enjoying it. The relationship between the boy and the woman had an interesting dynamic. To watch that develop was the best part.

Once some time passed in the story, it took a hard turn towards cliche that made me roll my eyes for the rest of the movie. The second act could have been interesting; German guilt is a strange and complicated issue. That question took a backseat to watch the boy sit around, brood, smoke, and look ridiculous.


the fact that the boy wouldn't testify to help Hannah was thin. I didn't buy it one bit. Also the fact that Hannah thinks that not being able to read is more shameful than being a Nazi ringleader. I don't buy it.

After that it was this sappy prison movie. Then OF COURSE, Kate Winslet has to commit suicide. I could go on. This movie was BAD.

Kate Winslet was great though.

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  1. One of these days, I'd like you to expand upon your verbal statement that Kate Winslet was naked too much...


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