Sunday, January 18, 2009

All The Presidents Men - 1/17/09

I'm trying to rewatch all of the AFI 100 movies again. It's been a while since I watched 'All the President's Men.' Although I did enjoy the movie overall, I feel that there is something good or even great about this movie, I didn't personally get involved in the story. It's almost like it needed a pop-up video feature to keep the viewer up on all names and dates that come up without explanation. Maybe the movie was too topical for it's own good.

That being said the cinematography was a lot better than I remember. The best scene in the movie was when Woodward was calling Dahlberg and the scene was all one take that took about 5 minutes and there was a really slow push. It made the whole thing very exciting.

Overall, good flick, but something kept me at a personal distance.

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