Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Whackness

it was good. Based in 1994, which Im sure most of us can relate to. Anywho, it was an interesting movie about a troubled hid who just graduated high school and like most people in that point in life is confused. The director made some very interesting choices in directing this movie. For example at one point n time the kid is on top of the world and as he walks down the the sidewalk, it lights up, just like the MJ music video that came out around that time. There is a a few moments like that in the movie, but very few, so it is not over done or annoying. I really enjoyed how they captured the 90's generation, for example, kurt cobains death, B.I.G.'s new album, a shot with the world trade center, etc. This is a coming of age story and is a good one. I recomend seeing this, I did not think i would like it, but it was good. Peace nuckas

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